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Steve McGugan
Two candles on a table. Then you have the
perfect atmosphere. Not least when the two
candles are placed in the new candle holder,
Twilight from Stelton.

The name does not refer to just the two
lights connected by an elegantly curved
arch. It also creates associations to the time
when the lights are lit: at twilight, on the
border between light and darkness.

Twilight is made from polished stainless
steel and comes in two sizes. Together the
light holders play off each other, either placed
side by side, offset or as an innovative
4-armed candle holder, where the small
light holder is placed under the large one.
Twilight in this way creates new inspiration
for modern table settings many new shapes
and designs.

The designer Steve McGugan has created
designs for a number of renowned companies
such as B&O and Ericsson.

Technical data
  • Materials - Stainless steel
  • Color - High gloss polished
  • Height - 6.3 in
  • Length - 8.7 in
  • Width - 3.1 in
  • Designed - 2008
  • Other functionality:

    - Non-slip rubber bottom, which also protects the table surface
    - The holders can be joined together in several different ways
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Item code X-18
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Weight 3.81 lbs
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