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Halskov & Dalsgaard
Elegantly embracing the winter mood.  The Embrace series from Stelton has sprouted a new shoot.  The elegant candle lamps in glass and stainless steel match the Embrace vases and enrich any table covered with the beautiful Embrace tablecloths.  The candle lamps are ideal for those dark winter evenings when you can appreciate how the candle light reflects beautifully in the clear glass and sparkles on the inside of the steel rim.  Let your thoughts wander and imagine lovely ice lanterns while you relish being able to relax inside in the warmth.  The holders are equally suitable for the party table, in the window sill, in the bathroom, or in the entrance hall to welcome in your guests.
Technical Data
  • Materials - Glass and stainless steel
  • Height - 2.7 in
  • Width - 2.7 in
  • Designed - 2011
            - Beautiful reflection
            - Elegant decoration matching Embrace vases
            - Come in gift boxes with two pieces


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Item code X-29-2
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Weight 1.58 lbs
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